Buyers Guide

Choosing which dash cam to buy can be a daunting task. We have created this page to help you decide which camera is the most suitable for your needs. For most people this will be determined by your budget, so we have split the cameras into three categories.

Below you can find explanations of various features as well as things to look out for with the cameras. Scroll down a bit further to find tables showing the features of the most popular cameras.



Resolution = This is the number of pixels on display. Cameras with a higher resolution will record higher quality video

Angle = The angle of view. Cameras with a wider viewing angle will pick up footage with a wider field of view

Screen Size = The size of the screen measured from one corner to its opposite

Night Vision = Night vision mode will allow dash cams to record in lower light conditions. The LEDs are usually only effective at short range. It is important to note some dash cams will perform well in low light without a specific “Night Vision” mode. For this reason it is worth reading user comments to find out how well the camera performs in low light

G Sensor = The gravity sensors will monitor 3 axis of your vehicle. The camera will use this information to detect sudden movement and automatically save the recorded footage. This is very useful in the event of a crash, but you will need to alter the sensitivity as speed bumps can sometimes trigger this

Dual Camera = Dual cameras will allow the user to record both in front and behind. This can be useful if you are hit from behind while stationary

GPS Logger = Some cameras will have the ability to record GPS data as well as other measurements such as speed and distance travelled. This data can be accessed through a PC, but be sure to check compatibility first

SD Cards = These are used to store the video footage. Larger SD cards can store more video. Make sure to read which kind of SD card your camera requires as some are incompatible with certain dash cams

Wifi = Some cameras have built in WIFI, allowing the user to easily transfer video footage

Parking Mode = Parking mode allows users to record footage while they are away from the car. This is usually detected by the G-sensor or motion detection. It is important to keep an eye on the cameras battery life if you are parking for a long time. Beware though, having a dash cam on display could make your vehicle more attractive to potential criminals


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Lane Departure Warning System = This feature detects the white lines on the road and will let the driver know if they are drifting out. This can be useful for long motorway journeys

Forward Collision Warning = Detects an imminent crash and will warn the driver


Other advanced systems are available but it is worth checking the features of each individual camera. This is because a camera will advertise Advanced Driver Assistance Systems regardless of whether it has a wide range of advanced features or only one.


Category 1 – Mid Level Cameras


Camera Nextbase


Maisi Full HD Maisi Smart Ragu Eprance G1W Eprance D101
Price (Approx) £50 £60 £60 £50 £40 £50
Resolution 720p HD 2304×1296 2304×1296 1920×1080 1920×1080 1920×1080
Screen Size 2” 2.7” 2.7” 2.7” 2.7” 3”
Angle 120 150 170 170 140 170
Night Vision No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
G Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dual Cam No No No No No No
Motion Detector Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPS Logger No No Yes No No No
WIFI No No No No No No
ADAS No No Yes Yes No No
SD Card Included No No No 16GB No No


Category 2 – High End Dash Cams


Camera Nextbase 402G Transcend 200 HP F800G Transcend 220 Garmin 20 Falcon Zero F360
Price (Approx) £120 £69.99 £99.00 £99.99 £129.99 £99.95
Resolution Full 1080p Full 1080p Full 1080p Full 1080p Full 1080p Full 1080p
Screen Size 2.7” 2.4” 2.7” 2.4” 2.3” 3.5”
Angle 140 160 140 130  TBC 120
Night Vision Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
G Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  No
Dual Cam No No No No No Yes
Motion Detector Yes Yes Yes Yes TBC No
GPS Logger Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
WIFI No Yes No Yes No No
ADAS Yes No Yes Yes No No
SD Card No No  No 16GB 4GB 32GB


Category 3 – Budget Dash Cams

We will not be including a table for budget dash cams as there is very little choice at this level and there is not much difference between the competition. This is because some cameras are sourced from China and other Asian countries, and re-branded to be sold on Amazon. The quality control from these countries is very poor and as a result buyers are ordering these cameras at their own risk. Although many of these cheap cameras are rated 4 and 5 star on Amazon, we highly recommend checking the warranty and returns policy with the seller.

Super Legend Dash Cam = This is the cheapest dash cam from Amazon and the reason is instantly obvious. The quality control is so poor we advise avoiding this camera, as it is like flipping a coin to decide whether it will work or not. If you do receive a working item the video quality is very poor. Invest an extra £10 and get a more reliable item with superior video quality.

Toguard = The image quality and reliability is slightly better with this camera, but there is still a small risk of failure. We found the quality of this product to be acceptable for the price, and in the event of an accident the video would be sufficient for evidence.

Lanka = Almost identical to the Toguard in terms of video quality, but the screen is slightly larger. The current Amazon seller offers a 1 year warranty and 1 month guaranteed return of goods, but we suggest checking this is still offered before you buy. Both this and the Toguard have the basic features such as motion detection, loop recording, and the G sensor to automatically save footage.



Budget (Under £20): If £20 is as much as you are willing to spend, the Toguard and Lanka are your main choices. These are good products for first time dash cam buyers with a low budget.

Mid Range (£40 to £80): Our favourites in this price range are the MAISI Smart and the MAISI Full HD.

Top Level (£80+): The Transcend Pro 220 and award winning Nextbase 402G Professional are the stand-out cameras in this price range. For a dual camera we recommend the Falcon Zero F-360.



We recommend reading the product reviews of each camera on Amazon before purchasing, as this will be a good indicator of quality control and reliability.