6 Amazing Things Caught On Dash Cam

Check out these interesting events caught on Dash cam

As well as being used for safety reasons, dash cams can pick up rare or interesting occurrences. Below is a collection of our favourite things caught on dash cam.

6. Snow Storm

This video shows a couple driving through a severe snowstorm in Michigan

5. A UFO Sighting

The video below claims to have captured a UFO flying through the night sky in Australia earlier this year

4. Landslide in Taiwan

In this video one unlucky driver is caught up an a landslide

3. Tornadoes

Here are two of the best tornado videos captured with a dash cam.


2. The 2013 Russian meter strike

In February 2013 the entire world was captivated by images of an asteroid entering the atmosphere, creating a light brighter than the Sun. Thanks to dash cams, videos such as these started to go viral on Youtube and social media sites.

1. Insurance Scam Fails

It’s no surprise dash cams are becoming more popular as more people are trying to get quick money scamming insurance companies. Below is one of the many videos showing fraud attempts caught on camera

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